What exactly is Österlen?
There are no existing boarders for Österlen but this is approximately where it is: from Haväng by Ravlunda firing range in the northeast, Agusa in the northwest, and Hammars hills in the southwest. 3 districts: Albo, Ingelstad and Järrestads districts. (Simrishamns and Tomelilla municipalities).

When do the appleblossoms bloom?
The trees bloom around the third week in May. Of course nature is unpredictable so it varies depending on the kind of weather it was during spring and if the warmth came suddenly.

When do the beech forests bloom?
In the beginning of May, if the spring was normal temperature.

When do the cowslip flowers blossom in Brösarp?
From the middle of April to May.

Where is Glimmingehus?
About 10 km southwest of Simrishamn and 5km east of Hammenhög.

Where are Ales stones?
About 20 miles southeast of Ystad in Kåseberga.

When is Kiviks Open Market?
The market takes place July 17th to the 19th in 2017.

When is the Apple Market in Kivik?
It is the 23th to the 24th of September, 2017. 

When are the tourist offices open?
Simrishamns tourist office is open all year, Monday-Friday 9-17. Longer opening hours Easter to September. Ystad Tourist Office is open all year, Monday-Friday 9-17, Sat 10-14. Longer opening hours Easter to September.

Is there any ferry service to Bornholm?
The ferries / catamarans run year round from Ystad to Ronne with BornholmerFærgen. In the current situation there is no ferry from Simrishamn..

What is the easiest way to get to Sturup / Malmö Airport?
There are a few options to choose if you are not driving your own car. You can take the train to Malmö and then ride on the shuttle that runs from Central Station to Sturup. From Ystad, it takes 49 minutes and from Simrishamn 1, 5 hours by train to Malmö Central Station and then it takes 50 minutes to reach the airport bus to Sturup. For more information : www.skanetrafiken.se and www.flygbussarna.se. It is also possible is to go by taxi from Ystad directly to Sturup. 

How do I travel to Ystad & Österlen?
The nearest airports are Kristianstad/Österlen Airport and from here you can go by bus No. 3, Skånetrafiken, towards Simrishamn, the other is Malmö Airport (Malmö Aviation and SAS traffics). With SJ you can travel from Hässleholm, Lund or Malmö for voyages to the southeast with Skånetrafiken or by car, which is suitable transport here in southeastern Sweden. Additionally, you can go from Copenhagen and on to Helsingör with Öresundstågen, leaving from Malmö every 20 minutes throughout the day. There are direct trains to / from Copenhagen also from other localities in Scania, such as Ystad, Lund, Helsingborg and Kristianstad. Ystad Ferry connections from Bornholm with Faergen and ferries from Poland. In the current situation, there are two companies operating on the route Ystad - Swinousjscie, www.polferries.se and www.unityline.se. Both are running two trips / day, a night and a day trip. Ystad Tourist Office can help you book through Unity Line. Will you bring your own boat? There are many nice marinas in our area.

Which beach should I choose?
All along the coast lies a string of beautiful beaches with several miles of white sandy beach. At one place, you also have the opportunity to swim from the rocks. The sand beaches are from the beach in Svarte and on through the marina in Ystad, out towards Ystads sandskog, Nybrostrand to Löderups beach, Backåkra, and on to Sandhammar which has been named Sweden's best beach. Then Mälarhusen, BORRBY- and Kyls beach which is one and the same beach but with different swimming areas. At Simrishamn there is Tobisvik followed by Rörum / Knäbäcksstranden, Stenshuvud, Vitemölla and the beaches end in Haväng where Verkeån runs out. The nudist beach can be found at the nature reserve in Hagestad.

Generally, exercise caution, especially when there are strong onshore winds this creates strong currents in the water and pits in the sand out in the water.

Gyllebosjön is a beautiful lake located in a nature reserve, where you can also rent a boat and go fishing.

Are there heated outdoor pools?
If you would you like to swim in a swimming pool, you can do this at Ystad Zoo with pools that are sheltered and secluded, Nybrostrand has heated sea water in their pools, Hammenhog, Borrbystrand, Simrishamn Tobisviksbadet that all have temperate seawater, or in the villiage St. Olof – where the water is always 30 degrees warm! Further north you will also find Eljarödsbadet.

Is there a year round open swimming pool?
Ystad Arena - swimming pool! As of September 2014 Ystad has a year round open swimming pool to visit. Water slides, wall climbing, hot pools, current channel, etc. Read more at www.ystad.se/ystadarena

Which spa facilities are available?
Ystad Saltsjöbaden, at the edge of Ystad
Ystad Spa & Konferens
Örums Nygård Gårdshotell Spa & Konferens, about 2 mil east of Ystad
Kiviks Hotell Konferens & Spa
Karlaby kro
Brösarps Gästgifveri & Spa
Recover Spa
Spa without access to swim at Hotel Svea

How many people live in Simrishamns- respectively Ystad Municipality, and how many live in the urban areas?
The Simrishamn municipality is home to about 20,000 inhabitants and in Simrishamn just over 6,000. The municipality of Ystad is home to about 28,000 residents and more than 18,000 in Ystad.

Long-term parking, is there any?
In Ystad:
There is a long term parking lot at the end of Hamngatan and Spanienfararegatan, driven by the Q Park AB. This is located right on the Bornholm Ferry Terminal / Harbor Square. It costs around SEK 10 / hr or 80 SEK / day. 320 kr for eight days and then 25 / day. Fee around the clock from 0-24.

Österleden- Jennygatan
There is also a long-term parking lot opposite the swimming pool on the Österleden. Where it costs about 5 SEK / hour, 20 SEK / day. Fee 9-18, weekends 9-15. Maximum parking period is 14 days. This parking is about 250 meters from the ferry terminal.

There are no guarded or gated long-term parking lots.

Long-term parking in Simrishamn:
Complimentary long-term parking lots in Simrishamn include at Strandvägen beside Hotel Svea.

Where does Wallander live?
In the books Inspector Wallander lives on Mariagatan in Ystad. Please come and visit the Ystad Tourist Office for more details about the films and film locations.

Are there moose in Skåne?
Yes, at Ystad Zoo for example, as well as in the wild in beech forests.

Are there any street parties / festivals in Ystad / Simrishamn?
Yes, among others Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival, Jazz Under the Stars, Ystad International Street Market, The Heering Day, the Port Festival in Ystad, Österlens Port Festival Simrishamn.